We are a local hard money lender and bridge loan provider located in Chicago.
We serve real estate investors in the Chicago area, throughout Chicago and approximately one hour outside of the city.

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Our process is mostly hands-on.
After you reach out and we have an initial call, we usually just meet you directly at the property and go to work in determining with you whether we are the right fit. We usually do our valuation analysis in-house, so that there is no cost or delay to the borrower.

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    Timewise, there is no one faster.
    Loans are approved within days and most closings are ready within a week of our first call.  If it needs to be faster than that, why are you still reading this stuff – lets go!
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    Our expertise is in Chicago and the surrounding areas. 
    We don’t want to see you take a loan you don’t need or do a deal that isn’t strategic for you.   We will be glad to be upfront about what we see and any pitfalls we might perceive.  There is no cost to meet with you and we are glad to share any resources that we may have available.
    We’re here for you and your deal!